Maybe dreams really do come true

I heard on C-SPAN radio this morning that Howard Dean is gunning for Terry MacAuliffe's job. Can it be true? Man oh man oh man. Now let me say that, personally, I am not all that hot for the current Republican domestic agenda, so in reality I'd like to have a relatively sane opposition party (a) articulating some feasible alternatives and, regardless of that, (b) reining them in.

If that's not, however, the way the Dems are going to go, and there's ample evidence that they're seriously confused these days, a la Elizabeth Edwards' characterization of our recently re-elected President and his administration as a "reign of witches" whose "spells" can't last forever, etc., then oh please put Dean in charge of the national party!

Yeah, he'll bring that "youth vote" out to the polls, you betcha.

Or maybe I should be saying, please don' th'ow us in dat briar patch, massa.

Via Instapundit (TM:Heh), some even better ideas

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