Prudence and Frugality

Now that I have a good job (knock on wood) with an excellent salary, and my mortgage paid off, I seem to have more money concerns than ever. Stuff that hangs over my head and I never seem to get done. Consolidating a jumble of accounts scattered everywhere. Figuring out the stock market. Getting my insurance straight. Fixing up the house. Getting payments that the payee lost put back on the record somehow when the bank can't dig up the check from six years ago.

And just plain worrying about the future.

This stuff never seems to get any easier. Maybe it's just me.

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Sandeep said...

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I never said they'd subject you to ads WHILE on the phone. The delivery platform could as well be a call center. It is knowing with a high probility of success, WHAT to deliver. I think the whole trust thing can be gotten around - look at gmail for instance. It concerns me that my emails are being parsed.however as long as google says its safe... well..

Oh and by the way, you should turn on spam filtering in blogger.