Debate 2

I'm watching the townhall "debate" on NBC, because locally that channel comes in as one of the best. It made me wonder, since we had two PBS moderators, tonight an ABC guy, and next time that CBS fellow, what NBC did wrong to get cut out? I can see why the Bush campaign wouldn't care to have any of these guys running things (I concur that Lehrer was more slanted than Gwen Ifill, no real opinion yet on Charlie Whosits (except my pre-existing impression that he's essentially an intellectually-vacant lightweight), but CBS at best doesn't come into any conversation without an odor of bias these days. On the other hand, NBC's no worse, I don't think, than ABC, CBS, and PBS. And we may (or may not) be more polarized these days, but didn't Fox run one of the debates last time?

I'd like to see these two guys in front of William F. Buckley, Mara Liason (sp?), David Brooks, Cici Connelly, Juan Williams, Ralph Peters, who else...

I do think that stupid thumb gesture needs to be retired. Point, gesture, or wave, but don't thrust your stupid thumb toward me like someone who doesn't have the 'nads to point.

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