Debate 2.4

A woman's right to choose [abortion] is in the Constitution? Not last time I read it.

OOOOOOH. And followed up with an abortion (anti-abortion) question, very direct.

Kerry: I'm a Catholic. Helped lead me thru a war. (First mention of Viet Nam? Must be a record.) Throws in TuhRAYzah, gratuitously.

More details on abortion, using extreme examples, pointless.

Bush: "History will look back, and I'm fully prepared to accept responsibility for my decisions."
Kerry: Iraq's a mistake, huge colossal gargantuan mistake, rush to war, Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

I'd like to hear Lurch answer the question for himself. Was it a mistake to treat with the enemy while we were fighting in Viet Nam?

Final statements. Lurch the ThumbMan goes first, good. He says he's an optimist. Yeah, except for all of the things he's pessimistic about.

Bush: This has been enjoyable. (Looks like he might mean it.) We've been through a lot, yet think about where we are. Tonight I had a chance to discuss with you about how to move on. Don't increase the role of the grubbymint. Energy plan. We're at war, which requires a President who is strong, resolute, etc. (He's hitting his stride here.) Deep faith in liberty, freedom is on the march, Afghanistan elections, Iraq elections coming up.

Not bad for the good guys, insha'allah.

Charlie's a total, total lightweight. Will be interesting to see how things go in PunditWorld, especially considering the ABC memo that I guess came out just before this thing started.

Ooh, people refusing to shake Kerry's hand. kewl. Crowd apparently warm to Bush.

My my my.

Charlie congratulating Kerry. Must... turn... away. Shields and Brooks, blood pressure stabilizing...

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