Debate 2.1

Bush theme: "It's naive and dangerous"

Kerry theme: "We can do better"

Bush good one: "I almost want to scowl"

Bush looks good with the blue tie, he's definitely warming up and feeling comfortable. Red power tie: oh so '80s.

Kerry oopsie: "It's not a question of 'if', it's a question of 'when'."
Kerry semi-backtrack: "according to this President and his experts"

Bush: I'm worried. Everyday people are working overtime. The way to [treat a monster?] is liberty, spread liberty.

Onto domestic issues, Canadian drugs, seniors and prescription drugs.

Kerry really does look like Lurch. He just said the Senate passed the drug stuff. I so hope he wasn't there to vote on it.

I think some people might not like it, but I like Bush jumping up, eager to rebut and get into the discussion.

Kerry jawdropper: "We did something you don't know how to do"

Oooh, I really hate his attitude. "Go figure."

I'll be really interested to see the polls/discussions of (other) voters' impressions of these guys tonight.

Oh oh oh, a stab at Empty Suit BreckGirl Edwards!!! And Kerry's response is that everyone should go to his website and download some tort reform plan? OMG. What a punt. A punt by a putz. Just farkin' abysmal.

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