Sunday Blather part 1

Chris Matthews has: Katty Kay, hates Bush; Andrew Sullivan, who's pinned everything on undermining, undercutting Bush on everything since he's abandoned Bush over gay marriage. Personally, I think Sullivan has to be a contrarian. He reveled in gay conservative, now he wants to be the conservative for Kerry.
That combo leaves Andrea Mitchell looking somewhat less biased than usual, and Howard Fineman looking downright fair and balanced.

Heh heh -- Chris Matthews brings up Terayza's MONSTER GAFFE of denigrating Laura Bush for never having a "real job". [NB: The video is much more devastating than the USA Today article -- she's clearly, deliberately dismissive of Laura and really, really impressed with herself.] "It was a put-down of little people." Agreement by Chris Matthews and Andrea Mitchell. Total Agreement. Andrew and Howard: She's A Disaster. The only one sticking up for her was that snotty Brit bint. Too bad they haven't put that video clip on the airwaves and all over the web. Bush pushers missed a window of opportunity there.

Clinton will be pimping for Kerry in Philadelphia. Andrea sees it as a pure positive. Chris agrees, predicts a large sympathy vote (huh?), then agrees with Katty (who obviously loves Slick Willy) and Andrea that "people just want to see him". Fineman: PA will go for Kerry. Sullivan: blacks are important in PA, however are breaking for Bush, largely on social issues -- because they're "the most hostile group, unfortunately" on gay stuff -- so Clinton could make the difference, since black folks love how Clinton preaches in churches.

Andrea: John Kerry does not appeal to black voters.
Matthews: He doesn't do well with blacks, women, Israel, you name it.
Kay and Everyone: he's not pushing those buttons, he's pushing the anti-Bush button.

New voters -- but how many of them (will) actually vote?

Sullivan ranting on his soapbox, triggered by a butterfly flapping its wings in Singapore.

Chris Matthews predicts 118 million in voter turnout.

"Tell me something I don't know"
Katty Kay -- lawsuits in Colorado over over-registration
Howard -- there will be no concession call from either side on election night
Andrea: Powell trying to get NoKo back on track, Powell will leave; all speculation is who would Kerry's SecState be, but Holbrook wants NSA. (Matthews predicts a Republican, like Lugar)
Sullivan: Michigan trending to Bush, all bets will be off if that happens

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