Debate 2.2

Fairly specific comments about tort reform by Bush get a reaction from Kerry that "the President is just trying to scare you".

I hate the way Kerry says "folks". He's not a regular guy, and can't fake it.

Bush goes into dangerous territory, i.e. who's not credible on fiscal responsibility. But turns it toward how to make the economy grow. I don't know how that's going to play. Someone earlier did ask directly about Bush never vetoing a spending bill. I can't really gauge how he did on that.

Kerry claims Bush is using fuzzy math. Isn't that Bush's line re: Gore last time?

An environmental question, Bush fumbles a bit but seems to pick up a little bit ... then goes down the pointless road of hydrogen something or other.

Kerry pretending to be a sports fan, again (Red Sox). Uh oh.

Kerry: I was in Kyoto. (Why does he think it's an argument, to say he was somewhere? He does this all the time. I find it silly and at best queerly vain.)

I must say Charlie Whosits is being pretty dogged on the point of how the heck are you going to cut the deficit in half.

Kerry: Bush and Cheney are corrupt.
Bush "I own a timber company? That's news to me? Need some wood?"

Nyuck nyuck.

Q: Why are my rights being watered down?
Bush: I don't think they are. Everything requires court action. These tools are already in use in war on Drugs (not exactly a great argument for people who think they're wrong in that context too). Agencies need to be able to talk to each other.
[Guy looks far from convinced]
Kerry: [cites other guys who are worried about the way Patriot Act is being applied] This is in our country, "folks", the United States of America! (Oh, is that our country? Thanks, it had slipped my mind.)

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